E-learning reimagined

KLASA is a revolutionary learning experience platform
for fully supportedactive and self‑paced e‑learning.

Why revolutionary?

Introducing atomic content

Every piece of content is independent and can be tagged, commented on and connected with other content. Your courses grow organically and improve every single day.

There's everything you need to create and manage your courses

HTML slides, pages and articles

In your content you can use anything you can display in a browser. Media players, web games, simulations - you name it.

Create interactive references

Easily pin additional media and annotations, that will help your students deeply understand every concept.

Discuss everything in context

You can comment on every single slide, question or a walkthrough step. Gather questions in context and answer them on the spot.

Fully supported, active, self-paced learning

Solution to engagement problems

Our approach to content naturally allows fast content creation and easy updates. But it is also a key to growing students engagement.

Fully supported learning

With atomic content and contextual discussions, students have a really intuitive way to ask questions right where they arise. And you can finally help with every single one of them!

Help your students at every step

Your students will have an easy way to ask questions at any time. You'll be surprised how many they have!

Never answer the same questions again

The same content creates the same questions. If students have every answer easily available, they don't ask them again!

Gather feedback and quickly improve

Contextual discussions and feedback tools make it easy to update critical fragments of your content, resulting in better educational results!

Active learning

Forget lectures and passive information flow. Allow your students actively interact with your content, solve challenges and request your feedback!

Interactive annotations

Deepen students understanding with custom annotations. Provide additional information without bloating the main content.

Embed assessments

Embed assessments right inside your lessons, add quick quizes and answer students' doubts in contextual discussions.

Self-paced learning

Atomic content makes it so much easier for students to adjust learning tempo to their needs.

Let them plan everything

KLASA makes it easy to schedule work with lessons, practice sessions and mock exams.

Always individual, never alone

Every student learns at their own pace, but they see the activity of others. Feeling social presence is a key factor to maintaining high motivation!

Personalized, automatic feedback

KLASA helps every student tackle their individual challenges. We don't only address WHAT they learn, but also HOW they learn.

Our solution is already proven

KLASA is at heart of some of the biggest and most ambitious e-learning courses!

Unique students
Answered questions
Average course satisfaction

KLASA allowed us to create the most sophisticated educational experience for medical students. It's hard to believe there was a time we had to study without it.

Wojciech Zaremba, MD Head of Education @ wnl.pl